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  • 4.12.2024: 9:00 - 18:00
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The Partners of HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2024 – Summit & Expo

Honorary sponsors

The Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B)

The Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B) is the strategy and coordination center for hydrogen in Bavaria, initiated and financed by the Free State of Bavaria. The Center acts at the interface between industry, science and politics in a national and international context. The numerous activities of the Center are intended, among information and cosulting, to strengthen the networking of Bavarian hydrogen stakeholders with each other (in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria), as well as with other national and international players. In addition, the H2.B coordinates the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria.

In 2020, the H2.B and its partners in the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria developed a Position Paper about the Bavarian Hydrogen Economy as a first step towards the Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy. In April 2022, the H2.B published the Hydrogen Roadmap Bavaria.


The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy is the patron of the event. We focus on maintaining Bavaria’s competitive edge as a business location, strengthening Bavaria’s economic performance, supporting start-ups and creating attractive employment opportunities.

Partners for international delegations

Bavaria International

Bayern International actively promotes and supports Bavarian companies in their export activities. In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, it provides targeted assistance and extensive services to medium-sized enterprises in internationalization efforts.

Export support encompasses numerous measures: the exploration of new markets through participation in international trade fairs and the identification of new partners through exclusive networking opportunities during delegation trips and visits.

With over 100 projects annually, Bayern International assists Bavarian companies in every phase of exporting. The extensive services both domestically and abroad facilitate the path to a successful international export business.

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy in collaboration with Bavaira International, The Hydrogen Center Bavaria (H2.B), and the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo, offers a diverse framework program for selected international delegations as part of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo.

Program partner and exclusive media partner.


On December 6, 2023, the Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update took place for the first time as part of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo. As Germany’s leading business and financial newspaper, Handelsblatt offers high-quality journalism in print, digital, audio, and on stage.

The Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update is the event for all decision-makers for whom hydrogen is more than just an energy source. Experts from politics, research, and industry come together to discuss topics such as the political framework, hydrogen market analysis, national support, the state of hydrogen technology, sustainability, as well as national and international flagship projects in the hydrogen economy.



VDE Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies

VDE, one of Europe’s largest technology organizations, has stood for innovation and technological progress for more than 130 years. VDE is the only organization in the globally that combines science, standardization, testing, certification and application consulting under one roof. To help build bridges between the stakeholders involved in the hydrogen industry, VDE is again coordinating the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN communication platform with leading partner organizations. Developed over many years, this VDE format promotes holistic thinking as well as technology openness in the energy transition. The practiced bridge building has contributed to a learning process and transparency gain in the past and has also improved the investment climate around green technologies. The knowledge gained and results achieved by the platform have contributed to criteria for technical safety, sustainability, as well as ensuring business management metrics. 


Program partner


Tech Tour is one of the largest investor-oriented communities in Europe connecting entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners from across the world. Over 2000 high-tech companies apply and 750 investors take part in our 25 leading tech events held each year.

Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe is the European association representing the interest of the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promoting hydrogen as an enabler of a zero-emission society. 

Association partners

DVGW Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V.

The DVGW is the competence network for all questions related to the supply with new gases and drinking water – as recognised standardisation body for the industry, as the centre for technical and scientific know-how and as initiator and promoter of research projects and innovations.

He is contact for economy, science, and politics. In cooperation with other national and international associations, DVGW helps shape the future of the German and European energy and water supply: On the one hand, it is time for a change in substance and a move towards climate-neutral gases such as hydrogen. On the other hand, it is important to ensure a safe and sustainable drinking water supply even in times of climate change. These overarching goals define the DVGW work program in the debate regarding the regulatory framework in research, standardisation, certification, and vocational training as well as in press and public relations work.

Media partner

Media partner of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE

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