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The podcast for our hydrogen network



HYDROGEN DIALOGUE in your ears. The podcast for our hydrogen network. 


Many partners, exhibitors, and influencers of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo have fascinating stories to share. In our podcast series, we aim to give a voice to the many interesting individuals in the hydrogen economy: What is already market-ready today? What is being worked on in concrete terms? What does the near and distant future hold? Whether it’s production, transportation, or utilization – so many hydrogen stories reside in the minds of experts and users, just waiting to be brought to life. 

POWERING PROGRESS is a reflection of our event, the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo. Our podcast guests tell us and the hydrogen industry about what they or their companies are currently working on, how they assess the situation on current issues, and provide insights and impulses – presented in an understandable and exciting manner. Expert interviews, discussions, and conversations give you the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of the players in the hydrogen economy and delve deeper into current topics. 

Episode 1: An Appeal to the Creativity of the Hydrogen Economy

(German language only) 


In a conversation between Jasmin Rutka and Dr. Andy Gradel of BtX Energy GmbH, the current and future significance of hydrogen in the energy industry takes center stage. Gradel talks about the advantages of ammonia as an efficient transport medium for hydrogen, highlighted by its high energy density. However, he also emphasizes the challenges in cracking ammonia, especially the need to carefully separate ammonia residues from hydrogen to ensure purity for fuel cells. 

Episode 2: Hydrogen Import Corridors

(German language only) 


In this podcast, Richard Unterseer from Bayernets discusses with host Jasmin Rutka the development of a hydrogen infrastructure in Bavaria, focusing specifically on the significance of hydrogen import corridors. Unterseer reports that Bayernets has been working on converting the natural gas network into a hydrogen network since 2018. This network comprises 60% existing natural gas pipelines and 40% new constructions, enabling an exceptionally efficient utilization of the existing infrastructure. 

Podcast recommendation

Together with our co-sponsor FORRS, we have produced a Hydrogen Podcast mini-series with Insider’s Guide to Energy. 


What you can expect: From Germany’s green energy blueprint to Chile’s hydrogen secrets, explore how hydrogen is shaping the future of sustainable energy. With our mini-series about hydrogen you can listen to real hydrogen experts from politics, business and science along the entire value chain of hydrogen.  

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