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VDE Financial Dialogue Hydrogen 2023

The communication platform for industry, finance and insurance, and politics

On December 6 7 2023, VDE hosted the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN 2023 as part of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo. Exciting keynote speeches and discussion panels with leading experts from research and development, industry, finance and insurance, as well as law and politics.

Programme on 6 December 2023 

This element of the event focused on bankability, insurability and compliance, bringing together representatives from industry, finance and the legal community. The discussions and outcomes that emerge will help shape the future direction of the hydrogen economy. 

Programme on 7 December 2023 

The ‘High Level Panel’ took place on the second day: The panel evaluated the economic, technical and political perspectives and formulates recommendations for all stakeholders for a sustainable, successful development of the hydrogen industry. The results of the lead workshops and the Innovation Stage will be incorporated into these discussions.

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Burkhard Holder, Managing Director for VDE Renewables GmbH, and Irem Alcioglu, an expert in hydrogen technologies, talk with the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo about the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE communication platform’s value, the importance of hydrogen systems, and spreading the word on best practices and lessons learnt.

Best Practices and Lessons Learnt for a dynamically growing Industry


As an energy carrier, hydrogen is maturing into an increasingly interesting option for stationary and mobile utilization and, at the same time, is being used more and more as a basic material for a large number of industrial processes. The dynamics in development and commercialization are great and are currently flanked by targeted funding and market incentive programs. The technology readiness level has been achieved, or is about to be achieved, for numerous products and systems. In combination with renewable energies and battery storage, economically promising business models are emerging that can make a significant contribution to energy independence and supply security.

In order for the sustainable integration of the hydrogen economy to succeed, continuous communication and the exchange of recommended actions with all stakeholders is of great importance. The early involvement of the finance and insurance industry, the accelerated development of standards and quality criteria, and close coordination with market regulators are required, especially after the expiration of funding measures and market incentive programs, in order to create sustainable and economically successful business models and the framework conditions for a positive investment climate.

This VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE is the continuation of the series of events that have been established internationally for over 20 years to support the global energy transition. The focus is not on company presentations or the presentation of political roadmaps. Rather, the aim is to inform participants about the state of the art in technology, current market developments, interesting practical experiences, and the expectations of the financial and insurance industries. The VDE Whitepaper on the Hydrogen Economy produced after the High Level Panel on the 7th December summarizes the results of the workshops and panel discussions and serves as an aid to take action and a source of inspiration for all stakeholders in the industry.

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