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Legal information and warning notices

for exhibitors of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo

External exhibition directories

Official directories for events in the exhibition centre Nuremberg are published exclusively by NürnbergMesse GmbH.

Please observe our Information:
External exhibitor directories [PDF]

You might receive misleading offers for unauthorised exhibitor directories for your company to be listed. This may entail high hidden costs in some cases, for example with regard to Expo Guide and International Fairs Directory. Please observe therefore also the information from AUMA – Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

Sales offers visitor data

NürnbergMesse GmbH has learned that exhibitors at our trade fairs were offered alleged visitor data of the trade fair for sale by e-mail. The alleged visitor data offered are dubious offers that are not in connection with NürnbergMesse GmbH.

NürnbergMesse GmbH points out that it distances itself from such apparently dubious business practices and does not maintain any relations with the providers of the alleged visitor data.

Should you as an exhibitor at one of our trade fairs receive similar offers, the responsible exhibition team would be pleased to receive notification about the offer.

Protection of industrial property rights – plagiarism

Protecting your intelectual property: Our information sheet Protection of industrial property rights – plagiarism [PDF] tells you how you, as an exhibitor, can protect your products, brands and ideas from unauthorised imitation. Find out, for example, what you should do if counterfeit copies of your products appear at exhibition stands.

Priority certificate

Do you, as an innovative company, want to exhibit your innovation at the next exhibition without worrying about it? A priority certificate [PDF] unequivocally testifies to your innovative advantage and protects you from product pirates.


You contact for exhibitors

If you have any questions about the exhibitor packages, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help you!