Double power for hydrogen: Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update at the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo in Nuremberg


Double power for hydrogen: Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update at the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo in Nuremberg

For the first time, the Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update will be part of the extensive programme of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo. The summit by Germany’s leading business and financial newspaper will be a fitting complement to the ground-breaking event that covers the entire hydrogen supply chain. At the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo powered by Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update on 6 and 7 December 2023, German and international experts from the political, business and scientific arenas will gather at NürnbergMesse to exchange their expertise and solutions for the hydrogen segment. Featuring TED-style talks, Q&A panels and discussions, the Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit Update on 6 December focuses on the ramp-up of the market for the German hydrogen economy. The second day of the event on 7 December, on the other hand, will be all about the international H2 sector.

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“The collaboration with Handelsblatt will ensure a high-calibre programme that is the perfect complement to our event,” says Jasmin Rutka, Director of HYDROGEN DIALOGUE at NürnbergMesse. “Together, we address all the important and necessary underlying conditions like the production and distribution of hydrogen, to pave the way for a successful market. Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, will take part in a Q&A session on this topic.

Join the interactive dialogue with the Summit & Expo

One of the hot topics on the first day of the summit will be “Fuelling Sustainability: Hydrogen and e-fuels on the advance – the transport transformation in the era of green energy sources.” Moderator Klaus Stratmann will join with the speakers to address the question: “What role does hydrogen play compared with other alternative drive systems for the mobility of the future, and how can synergies between different technologies be leveraged?” Professor Veronika Grimm, member of the German Council of Economic Experts and Co-Director of the Zentrum Wasserstoff Bayern (Bavarian Hydrogen Center) will provide facts about Germany’s role in the global race to ramp up the hydrogen market. She will answer questions in the Q&A session: “The hydrogen revolution: pioneers, innovations and boundless possibilities.” Under the topic “Sustainable and Competitive”, there will be a discussion about how SMEs in Germany are heading in new directions with hydrogen.

At the summit, representatives of Rheinmetall, Wacker Chemie or Bosch, for example, will bridge the gap to business practice. Wilfried Kölscheid, Senior Vice President at Bosch, will present trends and developments relating to the role of hydrogen-based technologies for a sustainable energy supply. The exhibitors in the Expo area in the exhibition halls will be showcasing highly specific products and solutions: Many approaches have now left the prototype stage and are more than ready for practical application.

International perspectives on a global market:

On the second day, the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2023 – Summit & Expo will explore the ramp-up of the hydrogen market at the international level. Decision-makers from all around the world will discuss the requirements of a global hydrogen market where hydrogen will be a driver of industrial transformation. They will also identify the prospects for a European market.

Politics, theory and practice at one table

“At this twin event, we will bring politics, theory and practice to one table and embark together on the journey to a successful hydrogen industry,” says Rutka. “Because the market potential of hydrogen technologies is huge at all stages of the value creation chain. This offers countless opportunities, for the largest established players from industry and the energy segment as well as for SMEs and dedicated start-ups.”