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“Development and commercialisation are booming”

VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE, an international series of events to support the global transition to a new energy mix, has been in operation for two decades now. Here Burkhard Holder, Managing Director for VDE Renewables, and Irem Alcioglu, an expert in hydrogen technologies, talk with us about the communication platform’s value, the importance of hydrogen systems, and spreading the word on best practices and lessons learned.
Mr Holder, Ms Alcioglu, what is VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE, and who’s involved in it?

Over the past 20 years, VDE has developed the “FINANCIAL DIALOGUE” platform format and advanced it further internationally in concert with major stakeholders. VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE is a communication platform for decision-makers in industry, finance and insurance, as well as market regulators and government policy-makers. By employing this concept and disseminating the results, VDE builds bridges and provides support for the on-going improvement of both quality standards and business management criteria. 

What’s the main focus of this communication platform?

What the platform doesn’t focus on are promotional corporate presentations and laying out political roadmaps. Instead, the idea is to inform participants about the latest state of technology, current market developments, interesting experiences gained in practice, and the expectations of the financial and insurance industry.

 How important are hydrogen systems as part of the global energy transformation?

Hydrogen systems are maturing into an increasingly interesting option for both stationary and mobile applications. Development and commercialisation are booming, particularly with the current benefits of subsidies and market incentive programmes. A number of products and systems have either achieved technology readiness for a market launch already, or are almost there. Now the crucial question is how they can be developed into financially promising business models in cooperation with renewable forms of energy. That’s the only way the hydrogen economy can make its expected contribution to energy independence, energy security, and achieving the goals of the energy transformation.

 How can DIALOGUE help the hydrogen economy get successfully and sustainably integrated into the stationary and mobile segments?

If the hydrogen economy is going to be integrated successfully and sustainably, it will be very important for all stakeholders to stay in constant communication and exchange recommendations for action. Especially once subsidy arrangements and market incentive programmes expire, it will be important to get the financial and insurance industry involved quickly, develop standards and quality criteria fast, and maintain close coordination with market regulators.

The VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE format offers a pre-set environment for presentations and panel discussions that ensure the programme maintains its focus on exchanging best practices and lessons learned. The panel discussions in particular yield important recommendations for event participants, and also for the standardisation organisations.

 How can interested participants access the concluding White Paper that summarises all the presentations and the final panel discussion?

All the presentations, results and recommendations, along with the concluding panel discussion with leading experts from the field, will be the basis for the White Paper on the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE, which will be available to interested participants at the VDE Renewables website (www.vde.com/renewables).

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Event tip

The VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN 2022 will take place on September 22, 2022 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Innovation Stage of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo 2022. More information about the VDE FINANCIAL DIALOGUE HYDROGEN can also be found online here.

The program of the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE – Summit & Expo 2022 can be found as usual at hydrogendialogue.com/en/program.

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