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For a successful scale-up of the hydrogen economy, we bring together business, policy and scientific decision makers along the entire hydrogen value chain and provide the space for the presentation of new technologies. We create a permanent international forum for discussion of all issues related to the transition from fossil to renewable and green energy Hydrogen from renewable energy and downstream fuels from Green H2 as the future zero liquid fuel and chemical derivatives. 

Helping Brazil and Latin America to accelerate technological development in the green hydrogen field and its transfer to industry by sharing quality content and pointing the way to scientific development, innovation and commercialization of new commercial and industrial applications.

Catalyzing business opportunities with the use of hydrogen by enabling the connection between the biggest and best researchers and the most important industries. You can expect a high-level lecture program on currently relevant topics in the hydrogen field, as well as comprehensive company and project presentations by renowned companies and research institutions. Interactive networking opportunities on-site and on the digital event platform complete the event profile and allow you to profitably expand your network.



Green hydrogen is the one produced from electrolysis, preferably. However, it requires initial green energy to carry out this process, which will come from renewable sources so that the fuel fits into the Net Zero category. Thus, its production takes place without the emission of carbon. That’s why experts see this type of fuel as key to a carbon neutral world.

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